Five Things To Tell Your Child About Fire Safety

Teaching your children about fire safety can help them remain calm in an emergency. There are five important things that every parent should share with their child about fire.

1. Fire is safe if it used properly by adults. We use fire to keep our homes warm and to barbecue our food.

2. Tell an adult if there is a fire or if someone is playing with matches or lighters. They should know that reporting dangerous behavior is not tattletaling or snitching.

3. Never hide from fire. If there is a fire Read more…

How To Monitor The Baby Sitter While Away

Hiring a baby sitter for your kids and leaving them in charge for hours or even days can be very scary. The most important thing you should do before hiring anyone is to know who is reputable and who is not. Be sure to do research and really get to know the baby sitter so that you can feel comfortable leaving them with children and pets. This is going to be the first step to ensuring that Read more…

What Are The Common Signs Of Child Abuse

The problem with identifying child abuse victims is they are not always what you expect. If you see a lot of bruises and cuts that cannot be explained without assuming some type of abuse, alarms instantly sound in the back of your mind. Unfortunately, not all cases of child abuse are that easy to spot. Following are some of the most commonly seen signs of abuse that may not be as easy to detect as a Read more…

7 Tips To Teach Your Child About Sex Education

Teaching your children about the birds and the bees can be one of the most important conversations that you will ever have with them. Although this may be uncomfortable for both you and your children, it is a necessary talk that must be done to inform them about sex education and what they may learn from it. While sex education classes are typically offered in school, discussing it with your child one-on-one will only further to stress the importance of waiting to have sex, the risks associated with it and using protection under all circumstances. These tips will help you Read more…

5 Tips To Prevent Bullying In Your Community

Preventing bullying in your community is an admirable goal; below are five tips that can help average citizens reduce the instances of bullying their towns.

Involve the schools in your decision to prevent bullying in your community; if schools, parents, and law enforcement officials are on the same page, adt home security tampa fl, bullying will soon be viewed as unacceptable everywhere.

Make sure that youngsters understand that cyber bullying is just as unacceptable as physical intimidation. Whether it is on the net or in person, kids need to know that bullying is wrong.

Police your children when it comes to bullying. Parents should ask candid questions about whether or not anyone is bullying a child; they should also find out if their child has become a bully.

Make sure that parents are present in shopping malls, public parks, and anywhere else children or teens congregate. Simply knowing that adults are on hand keeps a lot of kids from bullying.

Enroll your children and teens in after school activities instead of letting them find their own recreation. Kids who have sports, art, or music classes are likely to be too involved to make a practice of bullying; provide alternative activities, and kids will not have time to bully others.